Get Summer Beauty Essentials In FLARE's Limited Edition Topbox

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FLARE has some of the hottest summer beauty picks of 2014 in our limited edition Topbox. Think summer, radiant skin and gorgeous makeup with this box – a $140+ value.

Included in your Topbox purchase is a BONUS 1-year, 12-issue subscription to FLARE magazine – a $12.95 value. Should you have an existing subscription to FLARE, your subscription will be extended by twelve additional issues. For more details, or if you do not wish to receive the FLARE subscription as part of your purchase, please click here.

Already a subscriber? You can choose the option to gift the FLARE subscription to a friend or family member instead. See “How To Use” for more details.

Available to non-Topbox subscribers.

Purchase FLARE’s limited edition summer Topbox here.