Get Inked Like Beyoncé

Deréon teams up with Temptu for a temporary tattoo collection

Call her bootylicious, diva, Sasha Fierce. Of the many things that Beyoncé Knowles is, you can now add tattooed temptress to the list. In the stunning campaign shots for Deréon’s fall collection, the superstar is rocking some heavy-duty body art down her arms and back. Hold on–it’s only temporary, specially crafted for the shoot by airbrush makeup brand Temptu. When Tina Knowles, Beyoncé’s mom and the fashion label’s creative director, saw the outcome, she was so pleased that she decided to make the transfers available to all. We’re reminded at once of Chanel’s widely adored Trompe L’Oeil collection from spring, which took temporary tattoos from grade-school goodie status to fashion-forward accessories. Deréon’s limited edition designs will launch November 1st at Sephora stores. Whether you choose to sport the fleur-de-lis, bolts and chains, jewel baubles or spiders, the temporary imprints (which last for two to five days) make for a chic–and regret-free–way to satisfy ink urges.

Temtptu Presents Deréon Temporary Tattoo Kit, $18. At Sephora stores across Canada as of November 1st.