Get him to make a move

Interested? Here's how to pick him up by making him come to you

Get him to make a move
Interested? Here’s how to pick him up by making him come to you

Make eye contact
Some vixens swear by the “catch his gaze, look away, catch his gaze again” tactic. Others lock eyes and never turn away. Whatever your method, you MUST make eye contact. How else is he going to notice you?

Show that you’re available
Get closer to him, break away from your girlfriends, or put down that book you’re enjoying. Guys don’t want to interrupt what you’re doing; they’re afraid they’ll come across as an inconvenience. Give him the green light to approach you.

Once he’s taken the bait, use your womanly powers to reel him in. Touch your hair, touch his arm, blink often. It sounds ridiculous but it works. Of course, nothing beats being yourself. Guys love a girl who has a mind of her own, so don’t be afraid to share your story, ideas, goals, etc. He’ll be hooked!

Seal the deal
Guys hate being rejected, so do him a favour and pass him your phone number, tell him to Facebook you, or give him your email address. Then don’t keep him waiting. Answer his call or reply to his message right away. See? That wasn’t hard.