Get Freida Pinto's Super Shiny Strands

Tips and tricks for achieving healthy, shiny hair

Photo by Keystone Press

Fact: Freida Pinto has an enviably shiny mane that never fails to amaze us. No surprise, achieving mirror shine takes a bit of elbow grease (nothing worth having ever comes easy), but it is possible for us mere mortals! Follow these tips and your strands will be catching the light in no time:

Before turning on the shower, shampoo hair when dry to better remove build-up. 

Rinse hair with 1 cup of vinegar mixed with 2 cups of water to dissolve extra residue and increase shine. Leave on hair for five to ten minutes.

Two to three times each week, cover wet strands from root to tip with a shine glaze and let set for several minutes.

Blast hair with cool water before stepping out of the shower to seal the cuticle.

Wring out wet hair and carefully scrunch strands with a towel to remove extra moisture (no aggressive hair rubbing!). The more water removed with a towel, the less time needed with the blow dryer.

Comb hair with a wide-tooth comb and apply a heat protection serum or spray. Tilt blow dryer downward when drying to prevent air from going up the hair shaft (which causes puffiness).

Smooth a shine serum through dry hair, avoiding roots.

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