From Human to Vampire: Twilight Saga Beauty Tips

Become a Breaking Dawn babe with these one-of-kind steps

Photo Courtesy of eOne

Photo Courtesy of eOne

In the world of Twilight, vampires are supernaturally beautiful. Simply by draining her blood to turn vamp at the end of Breaking Dawn Part I, Bella amped up her babe score by, like, a million points. Follow our killer tips, and you’ll soon be partying like it’s 1889, just in time for Breaking Dawn Part II‘s release on November 16.

1. Relish vampy lips.

You don’t need to drink blood to have vampy red lips. Instead, slick on a deep bordeaux lipstick. You’ll be right on trend for fall (see Rochas, Viktor & Rolf) and able to attract your next victim with just a smile.

FLARE pick: Clarins Joli Rouge lipstick in Plum, $27,

Twilight rating: Less victim, more victorious.

2. Pasty up that pallor. 

Why are vampires so pale? They don’t have any blood to rosy up their complexions, duh. In the world of Twilight, they’ve also got a diamond-like sparkle when the sun comes out. Even if you’re not prepared to dispatch with your platelets, go to town with a pearly highlighter for an icy glow à la Gucci Fall 2012.

FLARE pick: Yves Rocher Illuminating Pearls, $14,

Twilight rating: “Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice.” We say ice.

3. Tease your hair. Then your prey.

Without fail, vamps have great hair. It’s voluminous, textured and perfectly curled. Spritz your roots with a volumizing spray before teasing with a tail comb. Finish off by twisting the ends around a curling iron for hair that’s to die for. 

FLARE pick: Alterna Bamboo Volume Uplifting Root Blast, $28,

Twilight rating: Covens will covet.

4. Sharpen your teeth. 

Power up that knife grinder and polish your pearly whites into pointed stakes. Even your mom won’t be able to tell you’re still human!

Twilight rating: Volturi.

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