Fresh Faced: New Online Canadian Beauty Store

Your one-stop shop for everything natural beauty

Fresh Faced: New Online Canadian Beauty Store

When shopping for a new foundation or lipstick, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the plethora of products available, each with their own miracle-worker claim and lengthy ingredient list.
That’s why Toronto-based eco expert, freelance editor, and blogger Sally Glover created Fresh Faced (, a new online beauty retailer that provides Canadians with natural, non-toxic products that work. All items featured on the site are handpicked by Glover herself and free of sulfates, synthetic chemicals, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde and other harsh ingredients. “I’ve already done the homework on Fresh Faced’s brands,” says Glover, “they’re safe and responsible without compromising luxury or effectiveness.”

Launched this past May, Fresh Faced is perfect for the conscientious beauty shopper who cares about what goes in her products and on her skin. The store features a variety of green beauty brands such as Butter London, Priti NYC, and Weleda, and offers free shipping in Canada with purchases over $25.

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