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March 2008



My desk is located in the marketing department at FLARE so throughout my internship I’ve been the insider to all the action that goes on outside of the editorial department from promotions, to securing advertisers for the publication to planning the FLARE Gala and the FLARE Volunteer Awards. It was only fitting that I finished up my last weeks at FLARE with the Marketing Department. I certainly surprised the marketing department on Monday when I showed up with a new hairdo!

I compiled lists of all the guests that attended the FLARE Gala on March 19, the hottest L’Oreal Fashion Week party. The Gala was at the Drake Hotel (one of my favourite venues!) and Dragonette (one of my favourite bands!) played the event.

I also began researching Volunteer organizations across Canada that contribute to Canadian arts and culture for the next FLARE Volunteer Awards and putting together media kits for the Marketing department.

Here I am putting together media kits in the Marketing Department

I began the day by pulling issues from 2006 from the magazine stock room to see which advertisers featured prizes for Flare’s ‘Click and Win’ contest and the 1000 samples contest. This was really cool because as I was going through each issue I got to see the progression of FLARE and how the layout and content has changed over the past 2 years. For example, In the January and February issue of 2006, the Click and Win contest was actually called Mail and Win! Ah, what ease the Internet brings!


I’ve been interning in the Features Department for the past two weeks and I’m loving it! The Features Department covers all things entertainment related—celebrities, music, film, art, books, events, DVDs, tech gadgets, websites and the list goes on. In an issue of FLARE all of these areas are covered in the section called ‘Next’. As you can imagine it takes a lot of research to find out what’s up and coming culture-wise so FLARE readers are ‘in the know’.


While interning in the Features Department I was lucky enough to go with the editorial department to see the film Penelope, starring Cristina Ricci. It was a great way to end the week. Penelope is a cute film with a strong message about finding your inner beauty and liking yourself for who you are. I would recommend going to see it!



Teen Flare

Teen Flare

Have you checked out It is the new addition to FLARE Magazine and, bringing the latest on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment to our younger readers. I’ve been eager to contribute to the website and yesterday, Laura, the Editorial Producer of gave me my first assignment for the website. My assignment involved researching stores across Canada, both local boutiques and mass chain stores, which carry selections of prom and formal dresses for an upcoming feature. I compiled lists for each province that included the store name, address, and phone number so readers will have options across their province of where they can shop for their special dress. Remember how exciting it was planning for that big day?

What did you wear to your prom?


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