Flare Reads with Sass Jordan

Flare Reads with Sass Jordan

Flare reads with…Sass Jordan

What is your all-time favourite novel? Why?
Don’t have an all time favorite, because as I change, my favorites change. Right this moment it is Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts, because of the fantastic story and the beautiful writing.

Has a book ever given you inspiration for a song?
Yes, many times, as well as inspiration for living life.

Is there any book character that is similar to you?
Not one in particular, but I am a collage of many.

What book did you love as a child?
So many that it is hard to narrow it down, but I was pretty crazy about the Narnia Chronicles and the Lord of The Rings series.

What is your favorite genre?
Definitely science fiction/fantasy, where in all things are possible.

What book is currently on your night-stand?
The question would be better put if it read ‘what book is currently NOT on your night-stand?’ I am surprised the damn thing is still holding up! However, l am currently reading an unpublished manuscript by my friend, George Roth, called Time Strider, and I am loving it.

What book did you last read?

The Convoluted Universe Book Two by Dolores Cannon

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