FLARE Gets Fit

Check out our latest fitness craze

FLARE Gets Fit
Discover the latest fitness craze—hot yoga—and the reason it’s changing lives.
Location: The Yorkville Club
Class: Hot Yoga
Teacher: Pierina Fadi

We admit, it wasn’t easy doing the downward dog in temperatures soaring above 30 degrees, but what we got was a killer workout with all of the relaxing benefits of yoga rolled into one.

FLARE met with instructor Pierina Fadi after a session to get the 411 on why hot yoga is giving women like Pierina the edge—figuratively speaking of course.

Q: When and how did you discover Moksha (hot) Yoga?
A: I discovered Moksha yoga about four years ago during a really difficult time in my life. I was grieving the loss of my Mother. I had been doing other types of yoga for years (initially for my lower back pain) but when I tried Hot Yoga (Moksha), I was hooked. For me, I found that it was the only type of yoga that would calm my mind, and create stillness.

Q: How long have you beenteaching this style of yoga?
A: I completed the first Moksha yoga teacher training in 2004 and have been teaching yoga ever since. I love teaching hot yoga and I am honoured to guide students in their own their practice.

Q: What does the hot yoga class consist of? What can a new student expect?
A: Moksha Yoga is a series of traditional yoga postures that also combines the precision of therapeutic yoga, practiced in a heated room (~37C). The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones, and stretches the muscles while calming the mind and reducing stress. A combination of calm breathing and deep stretching allows for greater oxygen supply throughout the body, which returns the system to its healthiest form. The heat allows for deeper, safer stretching and promotes detoxification of the skin, blood and muscles through sweat. All classes are open to beginners.

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Q: How many times a week to you recommend practicing Moksha yoga?
A: The Moksha series incorporates many challenging postures that sustain an elevated heart rate. With regular practice of 3 times per week, students find their bodies becoming significantly trimmer and toned. The added bonus is that Moksha Yoga improves the major systems of the body, increasing health and vitality, which is the best way to lose weight in the long term.

Q: What are the health benefits of MokshaYoga?
A: Students have reported that Moksha Yoga has helped them to de-stress, lose weight, and feel more energized, but the benefits of Moksha go beyond the studio. Students have said that Moksha has healed them emotionally, improved their relationships with family members and even improved their golf game!

Q: How long (weeks) do you have to practice Moksha to notice results?
A: Students can begin to feel immediate results of a calm mind and more flexibility in their first class, and if practiced regularly, physical changes with a few weeks.  Check out The Yorkville Club’s website at for Hot Yoga class times.


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