FLARE Editors Share Stories of Their First Grey Hair

For some it was shock, while others felt acceptance. One thing is for sure: there is no brutal honesty quite like the fluorescent lighting in the FLARE office washrooms. Read our editors' stories of when and how they found their first grey hair

first grey hair

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“I found my first white hair in the washroom in this very office, and I blame it entirely on work. (Kidding… sort of.) On the bright side, I have light auburn-ish hair, so it wasn’t super noticeable to anyone else but me. That was five years ago; I’m 38 now and probably have at least as many white hairs. Obviously I would prefer to never see them, and I’ve asked several colorists to dye my hair, but they’ve refused on the grounds that my natural colour is pretty sweet (unintentional #humblebrag). So I’m going to pretend they’re not there for as long as possible; I figure I have at least a few more years left before the situation reaches crisis-level.”—Maureen Halushak, deputy editor

“I was 18, sitting on my sunny front porch when my best friend spotted it and plucked it out immediately. I wasn’t too worried, but it was the beginning of a steady habit of highlights ever since.”—Carlene Higgins, fashion and beauty director

“It was just last week as I was standing at the mirror in our office washrooms that I noticed something shimmering amongst my dark brunette strands, like tinsel. At first I was confused by why I had a single blonde hair, but it wasn’t until I swiftly plucked it out and held it up to the light that I realized there it was: my first grey. For being only 22, I had a moment not unlike Lindsay Lohan in that scene from Freaky Friday when she wakes up to realize she’s switched bodies with her mom, played by Jamie Lee Curtis. Horrified.”—Claudia Steven, web assistant

first grey hair

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“A mall hairdresser found my first grey when I was in high school. Still in my teenaged bliss, I had zero concerns about aging and thus didn’t feel even a smidge of existential crisis upon this discovery (finding my first real wrinkle this year, at 28, had a significantly different outcome). The stylist plucked the silver strand from my head, put it in an envelope and sent me home with the souvenir, which I kept for an oddly long time… I bet I still have it in a junk drawer somewhere.”—Caitlin Kenny, beauty editor

“When I was 25, I was working at FLARE as the associate editor—copy. I went to the washroom one morning and just after I noticed a massive pimple forming on my chin, I also noticed a scraggly grey hair sticking straight up out of my head. I panicked and pulled it out. And then yelled at my body ‘Pick one: teenage years or old age!'” —Michelle Bilodeau, contributor

“I found my first grey hair a few months ago, right before my 27th birthday, and tbh, I was pretty thrilled. Most of the women in my family went grey relatively young, so it’s kind of like a rite of passage for us. I’m happy to be part of the club, even if we all disguise our membership with hair dye.”—Tara MacInnis, assistant fashion and beauty editor

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