FLARE Dare: Tiyana Grulovic tries out the green lip trend

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Welcome to FLARE Dare, a new column in which our editors test drive the latest trends in fashion, beauty, health and fitness—for better or worse

I’m not gonna lie: When I first saw Rihanna pull off a green lip a few weeks ago at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, I immediately thought, YES. Thanks to Riri, the wacky, amped-up kisser has finally made the transition from futuristic fashion editorials and Nicki Minaj music videos to real-life party scenarios. When I saw a similarly funky shade on Joan Smalls at the MET Gala, I knew it was time to trade in my plain Jane chapstick in favour of something bolder.

Since I’m more workaholic than partyaholic, I swiped on some Obsessive Complusive Lip Tar in Power Plant and wore it around the office, to the local Starbucks and to a few serious meetings. Here’s what I learned.

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I am not Rihanna. Nor am I Joan Smalls. It takes someone professionally attractive to pull off something this weird. Or, like Rihanna, who is both the hottest woman in the world and also a major exhibitionist, it should be worn with sheer lace and/or lingerie for extra head-turns; I paired mine with a pencil skirt. That said, I still received my fair share of second looks.

This trend, if you wish to pursue it, is better suited to the depths of your local nightclub. Also, don’t smile. Just don’t. This look is best paired with a fashion grimace, otherwise you will totally look like the Joker or that freaky clown from It.

I took my green lips to Starbucks in broad daylight, where the sweet barista told me that she used to see a lot of this look when she worked near a downtown goth bar. “It’s not shocking,” she told me. “But I really find it bizarre.” Then she drew a portrait of me, lips and all, on my soy latte cup. TBH, I was more impressed that she spelled my name right!

How to get the look: Like a lot of statement colours, this hue requires a solid base first, so start by applying a layer of concealer on your lips. (And, if you’re using a gloss, powder lips before applying for extra staying power.) Then, apply lipstick and proceed about your day with caution.

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