Five Minutes With Jennifer Lawrence's Oscars Hairstylist

We get the inside scoop on his plans for the Best Actress nominee’s red-carpet hair

Photo courtesy of Dove

Photo courtesy of Dove

Photo courtesy of Dove

With the Oscars just around the corner (Sunday night!), we can’t wait to see what’s in store for red carpet beauty. To get the inside scoop, we chatted with Dove celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend, who will be styling Best Actress nominee Jennifer Lawrence for her big night.

What do you take into consideration when deciding how to style a star’s hair for a red-carpet event?

Everything. The dress is the biggest. It has to work with the dress. If there are a lot of embellishments going on, I’ll want to keep the hair off the face. I’m always terrified of hair getting caught in sequins or beads, which make it look all ratty after 10 minutes. I put together inspiration boards with what’s inspiring me about the Oscars and what’s inspiring me with each individual girl [I work with].

What are your plans for Jennifer’s hair for the big night?

If I get my way, she’s going to wear it down. But I haven’t seen what dress she’s wearing yet, so that will determine it.

You’re also styling Jessica Biel’s and Lea Michele’s hair for the Vanity Fair party. What are they like to work with?

Jessica’s so versatile we can do anything with her. She does sexy really well. She does sleek really well. Lea’s another one. I feel like I’ve done just about everything with her. She’s kind of my muse. She loves talking hair and makeup and dresses.

What will your day be like this Sunday?
I’ll start with Jennifer. She’s getting ready in a hotel room. We’ll start around 11:45-12. She has to get in the car [to leave] at 2:15. Almost always, we ask her to put the dress on right away, so that’s our opportunity to see if it’s all going to work. And then the makeup artist, the stylist and I start pow-wowing. I love working with Jennifer. She’s 20 years old and [Winter’s Bone] is her first big film. She’s so exuberant and full of life and full of energy. We’ll all be having a really good time. We usually have music blaring. For the SAG awards, we listened to the new Kings of Leon album, so I was having a great time with it.

Have you given Jennifer any special hair homework to prep for Sunday?
I sent her Dove Nourishing Oil Care beforehand. Jennifer had to go through three or four different hair colour processes for X-Men [which hits theatres this summer], so her hair was getting really dry and really frizzy. I’ll ask her to shampoo and condition her hair that morning, unless I decide beforehand that we’re going to do something that will require a lot of texture. Then I’ll ask her to wash and condition her hair Saturday night and sleep on it to build a bit of texture and then I’ll start from there the next day.

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