Fitness Factor

We asked you—on—for your view on fitness. Check out the results!

Fitness Factor
We asked you—on—for your view on fitness. Check out the results!

48% of you exercise to get fit, with another 32% of you working out solely to lose weight

42% of you say you could stand to lose a few pounds, while only 19% of you are happy with your bodies as they are. Stay fit, girls, but don’t let a few measly pounds get in the way of enjoying life!

A flat tummy is what 55% of you desire. 20% of you would change your hips. The derriere came in a close third with 19% of your vote for the body part you’d most like to improve.

One big cheer for the 59% of you who are doing both strength training and cardio. The 20% of you doing only cardio should know you may be losing muscle, and the 15% of you who consider shopping good exercise, get moving.

It’s not hard to convince you to skip your workout—26% of you would do just about anything else than exercise. 27% would skip your workout to rest. And when your BFF calls to head out for drinks, 20% of you admit to ditching your gym bag and reaching for a martini.

35% of you get active after work or school. Another 22% of you are early birds who prefer to exercise in the a.m.

Even though many of us would never leave the house without wearing mascara, a whopping 71% of you would give up enhancing your eyelashes forever to maintain the perfect weight.

36% of you agree with Justin—Jessica Biel’s super-fit, slender physique is the bod worth working for in the gym. Beyoncé comes in second, with 16% of you voting for her curves. Madonna’s lean muscle and Kate Moss’s waifish figure tied at 13%.

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