Say What? Your Perfect Nude Lipstick Colour Should Match Your Nips

Who knew the key to finding the perfect nude lipstick shade would be right under your nose?

(Source: GIPHY)

(Source: GIPHY)

Everyone can relate to the headache that is finding the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone: Are you a M.A.C Blankety, or more of a Taupe? If, like so many others out there, you’re still scratching your head when it comes to finding the right nude for you, don’t stress, as a v. unlikely source for finding your most complimentary lipstick has been… exposed.

On the daytime talk show The Doctors, host and physician Dr. Travis Lane Stork recently stated that the best way to find your most complimentary nude lippy is by seeking out a shade that’s a match with your nipple colour.

That’s right, pull back that collar and take a look.

(Source: GIPHY)

(Source: GIPHY)

Does it look like the long-lost lipstick of your dreams? To clarify, we’re talking about nipple colour, not areola, which tends to be a slightly different hue. “It’s oh so simple,” he said. “Nature knows best,” as he peeked under his shirt and grabbed a beige bullet from the lipstick display to colour match. He said that 75 percent of the women watching will consider this “before the sun rises tomorrow.”

I mean, we’ve always been totally on board with free the nipple, but even more so now that taking your girls out could lead to settling that elusive nude lipstick confusion for good.

After the show aired, some YouTubers put this theory to the test—including James Charles, who posted a vid of him swatching 10 of his favourite nude lipsticks next to his nipples before choosing the top three closest matches.

And it wasn’t just YouTube that got on board. Obviously, Twitter had a bit of a field day too.

When we heard of this bizzaro technique, we did a little research and it turns out that xoJane, the now defunct women’s site, was onto this lil trick in 2015. The post explores what shades are the perfect matches for some of the staff writers of varying skin tones.



While the jury is still out if this hack works for everybody, I’m definitely part of that 75 percent and in fact I’m not a Blankety or a Taupe kind of girl, but more of a Half ’n Half.

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