A Two-Year-Old From Toronto Just Made Rihanna's Fave Fenty Beauty Review

We are one hundo p jealous of a toddler

Do you remember what you were doing at age two? Probably crying a lot. Feeling really pleased that you could hold your toddler toothbrush in your teeny hands. Maybe *still* struggling with doing it in the potty. Well, there’s a new tiny tot in town—and she’s a serious high-achiever. Meet Samia, the two-year-old Toronto-based YouTuber (yes, she’s an accomplished vlogger and I’m a grown-ass adult woman who just learned how to Insta-story so there’s that) with more than 60,000 subscribers on her channel, Samia’s Life, and 100,000 followers on Instagram. She’s also the little lady who Rihanna shouted out on IG for slaying her review of Bad Gal’s new Fenty Beauty line. Yes, Rihanna herself just called Samia’s vid Fenty Beauty’s “best review yet.” Samia, we are not worthy.

check out the best review on @fentybeauty yet!!! thanks @samiaslife

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TBH, I’m shook by how much I identify with Samia: from her giddy excitement at getting her hands on the Queen RiRi’s coveted prods to the moment where she decides to put the Trophy Wife highlighter all over her face, this baby could not be more relatable. I mean, who hasn’t gone buck with the highlight because it’s just so poppin’ only to see your face shining bright like a diamond in photos?

Watch the insanely adorable video in its entirety here and try not to die from literal cuteness overload:

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