See the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette Swatched on Four Skin Tones

Spoiler alert: the palette looks amaze on everyone

Fenty beauty galaxy palette.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy Palette, $69,

Christmas came early this year thanks to our girl RiRi who dropped her 13-piece holiday collection on Friday the 13th, just a little more than a month after she launched Fenty Beauty.

In true FLARE fashion, we couldn’t wait to test the new line and see how it looks on real women. Remember that time we swatched all 40 Fenty Beauty foundation shades on 40 real people? This time around, although we didn’t have 40 different shades to play with, we *did* have an epic palette filled with bright, glittery hues to try on different skin tones.

Here, we swatch the Fenty Beauty Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette on four different skin tones: (from left) Erinn, who wears Fenty Beauty foundation in 170, Victoria, who uses 290, Aleema, who is shade 340 and Jadah, who rocks Fenty foundation in 450.

The results?

Fenty Beauty Galaxy palette swatched on four different skin tones.

Fenty Beauty Galaxy palette swatched on four different skin tones. Shades (top to bottom): Oh-Zone, Xtra Terrestrial, Mars On Fire, Cosmic Ocean, Ultraviolit, Lightyear, Midnight Bolt, Meteor Crush, Sublime, Planet Ex, Space Owt, Jupiter Sand, Milky Way, Sunburst.

Everyone agreed that these glittery shades were crazy-pigmented and the colour pay-off was huge. Plus, see how similar the colours look on everyone’s skin?! A few shades, like Midnight Bolt for example, left us with a bit of fall-out, but overall the product stayed put.

Final verdict: 10/10 would recommend for those who don’t shy away from a bit of colour and sparkle (us), and we’d suggest the more wearable shades like Mars On Fire and Planet Ex for anyone who wants to start experimenting with bold eye looks. Once again, Rihanna, we are not worthy!

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