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Question: I am looking for high-waisted trousers.  I’ve seen them on Gwen Stefani and Keira Knightly and I wonder where to find them and how to pull them off. Can you help?  

Answer: One of the key trends on the spring runways was menswear-inspired looks – from skinny suits, to loose voluminous high-waisted trousers. Keep in mind your body type and the cut of the pant. The fuller leg styles work best on tall and lean frames that can handle the volume as well as triangle shapes (fuller through the hips and thighs) –  the wider hem balances wider hips.  Narrow cut styles are great for petite shapes as they don’t overwhelm tinier frames. The ginger from Seven is a great denim option, as is the new super soft Fidelty wide cut.  Keep in mind proportion – it’s key when choosing a top to go with the pant. Generally more voluminous blouses and sleeves work with a skinnier fit. On the other hand, a fuller cut needs something leaner and slim-fitting to balance. For more styles, check out Holt Renfrew, TNT, Diesel, Over the Rainbow, Club Monaco, and Arthur Mendonca.

– Tammy Palmer, Market Editor

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