#Goals: 12 Bad Beauty & Fashion Habits We're Kicking This Year

Want to stop neglecting your skincare routine, quit kicking the crap out of your feet with heels or up your cuticle care? Same

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“I want to actually moisture my legs in 2018! I am the worst for going months (in the winter, particularly) without putting any lotion on my poor scaly legs. It’s not a good look, and one I need to fix. 2018 = no more dry skin.” —Laura Hensley, staff writer

“Halfway through 2017, I vowed to wear heels at least once a week. I like heels, I like the way they make me look and the confidence that comes with that, but I still usually reach for my sneakers or ankle boots since they’re the easier, more comfortable option. My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 is to actually do this and give my heels the love they deserve!” —Erinn Stewart, assistant fashion & beauty editor

“This Virgo has been rocking the same precise, bold red lip for a minute, and in an effort to evolve and be with the times (shout out 2 H. Styles), mama’s lookin to embrace the smudged, worn in lip stain lewk. Watch. Me. Thriveeeeee.” —Amanda Demeku, fashion & beauty contributor

“I want to stop impulse buying—and more specifically, impulse buying fast fashion. Instead, I’m putting together a list of stuff that I want to purchase throughout the course of the year, and I’m going to try to stick with it as much as possible. Ideally I’d also like to make sure that most of these purchases are from Canadian and/or sustainable designers. (That said, I know my Zara habit will be hard to quit.)” —Maureen Halushak, deputy editor

“It’s probs pretty cliché, but the beauty bad habit I’m defo trying to break in 2018 is letting myself get into bed before I exfoliate. I’m always sooo dang sleepy by the time I brush my teeth, and I convince myself all too oft’ that skipping right to moisturizer will be OK, especially if my skin is looking clear. Sure enough, two or three nights of skipping the cleanse leads to a killer breakout, and I want to say bye-bye to those this year.” —Meghan Collie, assistant editor

“I’ve definitely been in a style and beauty rut since coming back from mat leave… FYI our kid is almost two-years-old, so it’s a LOOONG rut… you could call it a ditch at this point?! Other than a much needed wardrobe cleansing I’m aiming to add at least one new beauty product to my morning routine. I’m a minimalist so putting on lipstick instead of lip balm will be a big change for me.” —Philina Chan, art director

“I’m a devoted gloss girl, but this year I am committing to wearing more actual lipstick. I love a red lip on everyone else, but always feel like I’m doing too much when I try to rock one myself. (Not to mention all the other fun hues I could be wearing…) So, in 2018, I’m buying a bunch of bright lipsticks—and the right lip liner—and I am making it happen. Though maybe just once a week to start?” —Stacy Lee Kong, contributing editor

“Unworn clothing is a constant reminder of money wasted.”

“One of the things I like best about myself is my nails. I am #blessed with long nail beds, and my nails themselves tend to grow pretty fast. But, I do not treat them with the respect they deserve at. all. I get cheap gel manis, pick at my cuticles (gross, I know), and use my nails to open packages on the regs. This year, I vow to stop doing those three things, work cuticle oil into my daily routine and generally treat my tips with more care.” —Tara MacInnis, associate fashion & beauty editor

“Every time the arbitrary year change rolls by, I always vow to reduce stress in my life, and a huge stress for me comes from having too much in my closet. Unworn clothing is a constant reminder of money wasted, so this year I’m vowing to only buy good quality, timeless items that I truly love. Out with the millions of trendy pieces, in with the classic, high quality staples!” —Meaghan Wray, assistant editor

“In 2018, I vow to stop wearing heels that make my feet cry out in misery (or at least, I promise to make my fave foot-destroyers more comfortable by purchasing cushion-y insoles and heel grips because, #adulting). My mom was right when she said I’d eventually have a harder time wearing heels as I got older but I just can’t quit ’em so I might as well make them more tolerable, no?” —Jennifer Berry, staff writer

“I want to put my best face forward—and I mean that in a literal sense”

“I’m finally going to heed the advice of literally everyone ever and start taking hydration more seriously. I’m lucky that I don’t have too many fine lines for someone my age, and I want to keep it that way as long as poss. So, I’m chugging a glass of water every morning as soon as I wake up, and refilling that bottle at my desk more than once throughout the day (why does that thirty-second walk to the office kitchen always seem sooo loooong?). I also just bought a mini humidifier for my desk, because every little bit helps, right?” —Charlotte Herrold, managing editor

“This year, I want to put my best face forward—and I mean that in a literal sense. In the coming months, you’ll find me quietly upping my skincare routine. The New Yorker recently ran a story about how skincare became a coping mechanism in 2017. It used to be an ‘attempt to deny the inevitability of the future,’ wrote Jia Tolentino, ‘Now it’s part of a dream that there is a future to look forward to.’ So, to stave off the wrinkle lines from continually lifting my eyebrows at the latest Trump Twitter storm, I’m trying out hydrating sheet masks, colour correctors, and even stuff like snail essence, because why not? I only wish I’d seen Rio Viera-Newton’s Google Doc about her skincare routine earlier.” —Alanna Evans, senior editor

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