Face the music

Face the music
5 beauty tips from makeup artist Min Min Ma’s to help you look fresh and fabulous for prom

1. Take it easy
Don’t attempt a look that strays too far from how you do your makeup every day – it’ll just look over done. Think about easy ways to glam up the look that already works for you, or click here for some fresh new makeup ideas.

2. Don’t forget your brows
You know by now that over-plucking is, well, over – but your eyebrows still need some attention. Groom your brows the day of by applying a bit of hairspray to a clean mascara wand (clear mascara will also do the trick) and brush eyebrows upward slightly. This will set them for the night and open up your eyes.

3. Stay out of the red
If you’re prone to blushing, then go easy on cheek colour. With all of the dancing and running around, you’ll be flushed anyhow. If your ears tend to get red, don’t be afraid to apply a bit of foundation over them to mask the colour – it’ll work wonders in pictures!

4. Protect the dress
Lotions with shimmer can make skin glow, but you don’t want your dress getting the same treatment, so be sure to apply directly post-shower and allow the lotion to fully dry before you even think about going near your dress. If you decide to use a self-tanner, be sure to discontinue use a day or two before the big day to avoid any chance of colour rub-off. Your dress should be the last thing you put on, but if you do have to make any hair and makeup adjustments, cover it up. Oh, and if you’re wearing black, be sure to apply your eodorant well in advance to avoid the dreaded white marks.

5. Freshen up
Rather than caking on more makeup as the night goes on, consider packing a water or aromatherapy facial spray (you can find Evian’s classic Brumisateur at many drugstores). This little pick-me-up will boost your spirits and refresh your skin to keep you glowing all night! You’ll also want to pop a packet of blotting papers in your purse to absorb excess oil and control shine throughout the evening.


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