Eye Makeup

Test Drive: Glitter Eyeliner & Mascara

Make your eyes sparkle with these festive two-in-one beauty steals


What girl doesn’t love a little glitz, especially around the holidays? To help you get your glitter on, Sephora has an awesome new collection of two-in-one mascara and eyeliners that add a pop of colour and a cluster of silvery sparkles to accentuate your eyes. The formula comes in a dozen shades including bronze, silver, teal, purple and navy, and the glitter particles have a silvery hue that looks like tiny drops of dew when applied to the lashes.

FLARE pick: Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner & Mascara in Sweetheart Pink, $16, sephora.com.

Follow these easy application steps and you’ll stand out from the crowd in no time!

1. Choose a neutral eyeshadow or a shade similar to the eyeliner—you don’t want the two hues to compete for attention.

2. After dusting on shadow, slick the liner on your upper lash line. Allow to dry, then repeat for several coats. The more coats, the thicker the glitter will be.

3. Curl lashes and apply black mascara to accentuate and lengthen the lashes. This extra coat will also help the glitter to show up.

4. Swipe glitter mascara on upper and lower lashes. Allow the glitter to dry between coats—several layers create an eye-catching effect.

If you want to try sparkly mascara on its own, Yves Rocher and Hard Candy have pretty and inexpensive offerings, or try adding a strip of jewels to your lash line with Dior’s Grand Bal False Lashes, $28, at Holt Renfrew.