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Choupette Lagerfeld, Spokescat for Shu Uemura (Fur Real!)

Yes, a spokecat is a thing, but only when your master is Karl Lagerfeld

Shupette Cosmetics

Silk Cushion Blush, $35

Following in the furry paw-steps of Grumpy Cat (who has scored two book deals and a lead movie role) and Hello Kitty (who marked her 40th birthday with several Sephora lines), Choupette is the latest feline mogul/muse. Designer Karl Lagerfeld’s spoiled, snow-white Siamese was the inspiration and spokescat for his beauty collection with Shu Uemura, launching this holiday season. The pet project includes eyeliners, cheek colours, fluffy falsies and an eye/lip palette featuring Shupette Blue, a pastel shade true to the actual cat’s eye for a purr-sonal touch.

Shupette False Eyelashes

Furry Fantasy Premium False Lashes, $100