Extra Volume: Runway-Inspired Looks For Everyday

Achieve fuller-looking hair with volumizing or thickening spray

Extra Volume: Runway-Inspired Looks For Everyday
Extra Volume: Runway-Inspired Looks For Everyday
Photo by Anthea Simms
Extra Volume: Runway-Inspired Looks For Everyday
Photo by Anthea Simms

We loved the look of uber-full crimped hair at the spring presentations of Oscar de la Renta and Philosophy. Its wild, frizzy edge is the perfect juxtaposition to soft, lady-like garments and natural make-up and is less likely than curls to fall limp. Try to find a volumizing or thickening spray that will also protect your hair against the damage that heated tools, like crimpers, can wreak on your strands. Saijojo Uplifting Eco Thickening Spray offers this type of protection, and is made with natural ingredients like Vitamin E, linseed oil and green tea extract. It’s also biodegradable.

Hair Tips:
Oscar de la Renta Spring 2012
When hair is still damp, mist with a volumizing spray at roots and throughout strands for added lift before blow drying. Blow dry against natural part to achieve volume. Divide hair into layers and crimp in 1-1.5 inch sections from roots to ends. Once hair has cooled, brush out crimps for a loose, full hair style.

Hair Tips: Philosophy Spring 2012
Only add volumizing spray to the ends of hair before blow drying. Divide hair to one side and crimp bottom two thirds in layers before pinning behind ears. Apply gel to top third of hair, but use sparingly. Brush out ends.

Of course, this look may be a little too wild for some. If such a bold mane isn’t your thing, try only crimping the top layer of your hair, or follow the same process, only with curls in place of crimps.

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: Saijojo Uplifting Eco Thickening Spray, $25, saijojo.com

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