Emma Stone's Makeup Artist On Her BAFTAs Beauty Look

Emma Stone's face pretty much always looks perfect. That's partly thanks to makeup pro Rachel Goodwin, who filled us in on her look for last night's BAFTAs


Emma Stone is one of those actors who, if she wasn’t so busy being super famous, seems like she’d make a really great BF. Nars makeup pro Rachel Goodwin can attest to thatshe’s been working with the La La Land star for more than a decade now, since her breakout role as hilarious redhead Jules in Superbad. And last night, she created Stone’s stunning beauty look for the BAFTAs, (at which she won for Best Actress in a Leading Role, nbd). Goodwin filled us on the couture look that inspired her, Stone’s ever-changing hair, and a time when the actor wasn’t so into her pale skin.

How do you play up Stone’s fair skin tone on the red carpet? What’s wonderful about her complexion is that I can’t think of a colour that I haven’t loved to use on it. As an artist, it’s very inspirational to see a colour in a palette, apply it and have it read very true on the red carpet and in photographs. We’ve done everything from warm colours to cool colours, and I haven’t met a colour yet that hasn’t been great. I’ll let you know if I do.

Does her fair skin every pose any challenges for you? There was a time in the beginning where she really wanted her skin to be warmed up. She was less of a fan of her alabaster complexion, but we all loved it. She would always be like, ‘can we warm up my skin?’ And I was like, ‘can we just leave your beautiful skin?’ That was a trend that was not my favourite, but she got over it quickly. She was a teenager, so I’m going to let it go.

Can you tell us about the look you created for the BAFTAs last night? I was in love with the beading on her Chanel Couture dress. It looks silver initially, but if you look closer, the bead work is very kaleidoscopic with all these different colours going on. It’s absolutely incredible, so I wanted to mimic that same feeling in her makeup, with lots of colours working together as one. I used a dark gunmetal grey liner (Nars Eyeliner Stylo in Koala) on the top of her eyes to match the dark grey in her dress. And then on top of the beading, there was purple and pink and green. So I stayed in the cool colour family, and chose a lavender lipstick (Nars Audacious Lipstick in Dominique), and it all gave this really beautiful contrast to her warm strawberry hair.

The magic is in the details, especially when they are #chanel couture…

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What was your inspiration, beyond her dress? We’ve gone through so many phases, and this has been a really fun one. There has been a lot of sparkle happening for sure, and I think not only it is partly inspired by her and the magic of [La La Land], but also by the fact that right now, it feels like we need a little bit of lightness in the world. We’re attracted to different things at different times for different reasons. And I love that she’s having this wonderful light, magical moment.

Do you feel the need to choose between a bold lip and a bold eye? I sometimes play off of that juxtaposition where I choose a feature and I make it the focal point of the look. But I do think that there is a time and a place for a fully pulled-together look with every feature amplified. And that’s what I did this time. I definitely focused on the eyes, lips and cheeks.

Stone changes her hair colour all the time. Does that make your job a little more challenging? Every time she changes her hair colour for a role, there’s always a bit of an adaptation. For the first Spider-Man when she went very blonde, I remember thinking, What am I going to find that works differently? She’d always been a redhead and I had a lot of fun with it. But I remember a Met Ball look I did when she wore black and white. I did this very vivid pink lip, and the contrast was so shocking. I really loved the way colours looked on her then, with her fair skin and hair. The colours were so vibrant and vivid, and I loved that.

Are you working with Stone for the Oscars? Yes. But I cannot tell you anything about that!

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