How Emma Stone’s Golden Globes Makeup Subtly Supported Time’s Up

Beauty shone a powerful feminist light on the Golden Globes red carpet

The 75th Golden Globe awards welcomed a sea of women dressed in head-to-toe black to show support for the Time’s Up movement to much success. And although it wasn’t necessarily planned or publicized on the same scale, many attendees also used their makeup to send empowering feminist messages as well.

Take the bold red lips sported by many women as an homage to the suffragette movement. Then there were celebs like Viola Davis who celebrated their natural hair. And, of course, there was Kendall Jenner, who unapologetically embraced her acne on the red carpet.

Turns out Emma Stone’s lovely makeup palette of green, violet and ivory were no accident, either. Enter Rachel Goodwin, Nars makeup artist/superstar who frequently does the beautiful famous faces of celebs like January Jones, Selma Blair and, of course, Stone. We picked Goodwin’s brain and got the skinny on how she created Stone’s stunning beauty moment—and the empowering message that inspired it all.

(Photo: Getty)

How did you achieve Emma’s look tonight?

Obviously the sentiment of the night was a more serious tone—all the women were going to be wearing black in solidarity with women’s empowerment. I was really thinking about how to make that sort of message through beauty and how would I utilize my voice in beauty and also send a message. I started doing research on the Suffragettes [movement] and the original women’s movement colour palette was green, purple and white. I thought OMG, how do I design makeup around that? How do I do a beauty look around that?

I did emerald green on her eyes, which is the symbol of hope to the Suffragettes. The symbol of purity in public and private life was white, which I used in the inner corners of the eyes and on the brow bone. And then purple, which was the symbol of royalty and what they felt was ultimately about dignity. That was something I felt really excited about creating [because of] where the inspiration came from. I only used those colours in her makeup tonight intentionally.

How far in advance did you plan Emma’s beauty look?

I knew last month that everyone was wearing black so I was ruminating on what to do and how to make that seem interesting. At first, I wanted to pull back and not do a lot of makeup because it felt like the message could be lost but then once I found a way to actually send the message with the makeup I thought, Wait I shouldn’t be apologizing for that, I should be proud of this, I should be excited about this. So that came together over the past week, really.

How long does it take to do Emma’s makeup?

It depends. Tonight was quite fast, but it usually takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour and a half, depending on how much chatting we’re doing!

Does Emma have a nighttime beauty routine pre-red carpet?

I always love it if she can do a face mask before I arrive, so a hydrating face mask is something she’ll often do.

Is there a beauty look you love seeing on Emma?

Oh we’ve done so many things! I like to always have a narrative and a story, depending on her hair colour. Hair colour matters a lot with her. When she’s a redhead, I tend to experiment more with colour, which is something that’s fun for me as an artist. When she’s blonde, I like to do more contrast-y things. I try to find ways to keep it fun and new but I love colour on her, I really do, it’s something we’ve done since we met.

Can you name three things that make for an ideal getting ready atmosphere?

Definitely the team that I’m working with, because they’re all so incredible and inspirational. Secondly, music. Listening to music is always great because it sets the tone. And then, usually French fries are involved!

What beauty look should every woman try this year?

I’m not a “one size fits all” gal, I think makeup is very individualistic and specific to each woman so I think you should try something you thought you “couldn’t” do, or “shouldn’t” wear. It’s just makeup, it washes off. Try something someone told you you should never do.

Do you have any red carpet beauty secrets you can share?

I think makeup has become quite intimidating and that’s doing a disservice to women. Makeup should be fun, it should be about connecting with yourself and it should give you a boost. Enjoy yourself more and take a load off!

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