editor’s LETTER

editor’s LETTER


When I first moved out of my parents’ home, I described my decor aesthetic as “minimalist.” I thought the look of pure-white walls with my neutral tailored furniture was simply sophisticated. But the reaction from one of my most stylish friends wasn’t quite what I expected.

“Where are you in all of this?” she demanded. “Where is your personality? Where is the fun?” And she was right. What I thought was chic looked more like a boring show-home suite to her, and there was no reflection of my personal style.

So my first home–a poky one-bedroom apartment in North Vancouver–was the last place to look so bland. I quickly discovered that truly stylish decor is more about being creative and making fearless choices than having a massive budget. (And as a 24-year-old freelance writer and first-time homeowner, my budget was best viewed with a microscope!)

If you’re in the same situation now–more young women like you than ever are signing the mortgage papers and setting up home on their own–you’re in luck. In step with spring’s eye-catching fashion trends, decor looks are equally fabulous and easy to interpret. Check out how Arren Williams, our contributing Living editor, interprets four runway trends for your place in Runway at Home (page 216 of the April 2008 issue).

Arren’s decor philosophy mirrors what’s happening on catwalks around the world. “Home style is all about personality,” he says. “The passionate way you live your life should be reflected in your home.” Arren is also a master at getting the look without blow-ing what’s left of your budget for the mortgage. I’ve seen how he makes bold statements by framing inexpensive artwork, up-dating tired furniture with paint and wallpapering one wall in a knockout pattern.

Minimalist decorating is always tasteful and safe, but why not take tips from Arren and be fearless with colour, texture and pat-tern? You’ll create a home you’ll adore to live in–and show off.

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