Eating Well

Eating Well
Vicki Resendes, BSc, ND, takes us through the pros and cons of 5 popular diets

The Master Cleanse

  • Fast weight loss—due mainly to the severe reduction in caloric
  • Weight loss is short-term and is likely due to a reduction in
        water weight rather than actual adipose (fat) tissue
  • Due to the drastic nature of the “diet”, many people may find
        it too difficult to complete
  • Lacks key nutrients such as protein, vitamins & minerals

    The Zone Diet

  • A healthy balance of protein/carbohydrates/fat is promoted at
        each meal
  • Awareness of portion control and calorie intake — promotes
        long-term healthy habits
  • Good for healthy, long-term weight loss
  • Specialized “Zone Diet” foods and daily meal delivery are
  • Recommends exercise and supplementation as part of the
        weight loss plan
  • “Zone” foods can be costly (but this is optional)

    Food Combining

  • Proper food combining helps people learn the difference
        between various food groups and educates people in the
        importance of healthy digestion
  • This diet focuses more on optimizing digestion versus weight
  • Initially, the rules may be confusing for people to incorporate
        into their daily routine

    Weight Watchers

  • Promotes participants’ awareness of what they are eating and
        more importantly, how much they are eating on a day-to-day
  • Offers special “Weight Watchers” foods for convenience based
        on their point system
  • Focuses on portion control—good tool for long-term weight
  • Regular meetings to track progress and offer support
  • Can be more costly in comparison to other diets

    5 Factor Diet (Harley Pasternak)

  • Promotes 5 meals/day—good for blood sugar control and
        craving reduction
  • Incorporates exercise—a vital part of any lasting weight loss
  • Includes several quick and easy-to-follow recipes
  • Promotes frozen foods—even “lean” frozen foods are often
        loaded with numerous preservatives, additives and excess

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