These DIY Nail Art Ideas Are *Actually* the Best (& Easiest) Ever

If you've got no chance of snagging a last-minute appointment, these easy DIY manicures are the solution to naked nails


Easy how-to nail art negative space

Nail trend: Foil-effect negative space manicure

Difficulty level: 2/5 (the dry time between steps is essential for A++ results)

Place striping tape across the bottom of an unpolished nail, leaving a gap for the ‘negative space’. Apply a metallic shade and let it dry completely. Apply a topcoat of super-glittery polish for added sparkle. Gently remove the tape.

What we used: Color Therapy in Therapewter, $12, Sally Hansen. Luxeffects in Frilling Me Softly, $10, Essie

Easy how-to nail art grid

Nail trend: Metallic grid nail art

Difficulty level: 3/5

On a bare nail (or pale nude base), place metallic striping tape across the nail in a graphic pattern, then carefully clip the ends. Apply a clear topcoat to keep the tape in place. Note: This manicure is a here for a good-time, not necessarily a long time as the tape will eventually peel up from wear and water.

What we used: The Gel Nail Polish in Sweet as Candy, $3, Essence CosmeticsSalon Secrets Nail Art Starter Kit, $17, Kiss

Easy how-to nail art glitter

Nail trend: Ombre glitter manicure

Difficulty level: 1/5

Start with a nude base coat and let dry. Apply a glitter polish beginning at the cuticle and drag it up for a graduated effect. Each nail can be slightly different. Finish with a clear topcoat.

What we used: Le Vernis in Organdi 504, $32, ChanelSunrise…Bedtime, $14, OPI
Easy how-to nail art polka dots

Nail trend: Polka-dot manicure

Difficulty level: 2.5/5 (a steady hand is needed for this look)

Brush on a bold base coat (dark colours work best). Using a dotting tool, place contrasting accent dots in a row. Alternate colours.

What we used: Can’t Read without My Lipstick, $14, OPI. Breathable in Pick-Me-Up, $11, Quo by Orly. Good as Gold, $10, Essie. Professional Double Ended Nail Art Dotting and Marbling Tools, $6,

Photos by Roberto Caruso, Manicures by Nargis Khan/P1M

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