Drew Barrymore Goes Red

Is it the new ombré?

Photo by WireImage

Drew Barrymore dyeing her hair isn’t, in itself, big news–we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the actress in every shade imaginable. But she’s been rocking her ombré hair in one form or another for a couple of years now so a single hue is actually a nice change. And now that everyone from Alexa Chung to Rachel Bilson is opting for two-tone tresses (what used to be known as roots) it’s no longer the talking point it was when Barrymore showed up at TIFF two years ago sporting black-dipped tips.

Of course, the actress is stepping off one trend train an onto another–just recently, the once ombréd Whitney Port debuted strawberry locks, and Rihanna’s been working bold red for a while.

Do you like Drew’s new look? Are you over ombré? Tell us in the comments!