Doutzen Kroes' Interview & Steamy Video

        One of the world’s sexiest women talks to FLARE about motherhood and fronting a sultry new fragrance

Doutzen Kroes

Photo: Getty Images

To quote the eternal words of nelly,“It’s gettin’ hot in herre.” I’m at the Skylark lounge in NYC, preparing to meet supermodel Doutzen Kroes, but a haywire heater has caused a delay. “She’s about to pass out,” exclaims a glistening public relations rep as she exits the private room turned sweat lodge where the Dutch beauty is conducting interviews. It’s rather fitting that things would get steamy in the proximity of a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

The pillow-lipped Kroes is known for her overt sex appeal, which is laid bare in Calvin Klein’s newest fragrance campaign. The suggestive scent is named Reveal and features salty notes inspired by post-romp skin. Its TV ad features a game of striptease (turned hookup by the clip’s end), with Kroes disrobing while the hunk next door, played by Sons of Anarchy’s Charlie Hunnam, peers through her window.

When I finally meet Kroes, she’s cool and collected, her dewy skin the only trace of the temperature spike. Then again, it could just be pregnancy glow: the 29-year-old and her DJ husband, Sunnery James, are expecting a daughter—their second child—in late summer. (She delivered Myllena Mae on July 30.) The seven-months-along bump stands out from her otherwise lithe frame, her curves hugged tightly by a black Calvin Klein dress and a fitted Maison Martin Margiela leather jacket.

It’s hard to believe Kroes was more tomboy than sexpot in her teens: “In high school, I used to bike 25 kilometres to class every day, so I would arrive with sweaty armpits and hair,” recalls Kroes, who grew up in the tiny Netherlands village of Eastermar (population: approximately 1,200), before moving to New York in 2003 to pursue modelling. The image of an unkempt Kroes is a far cry from the lingerie billboards that depict her as a perfectly coiffed pin-up—but she’s quick to credit the magic of professional photography. “It’s hard for me to compare myself to my own pictures, when I’m in the best light with beautiful hair and makeup,” she insists.

When she’s not being gussied up by artists on set, her makeup go-tos are simple: mascara and lip stain that looks “like you’ve been kissing all night.” But self-assurance makes her feel sexiest—a lesson she’s keen to instill in her future daughter. “I want her to know that she’s smart and to focus on that instead of beauty,” says Kroes. “It’s important to aspire to different jobs than modelling.” That said, what if her daughter found herself drawn to the catwalk? “If she really wants to do that, I have great contacts.”


Vancouver Island. “The food was amazing, and we went whale watching.”

Inferno by Dan Brown.

French fries. “It’s all about moderation, so I share.”

“Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé.

Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers. “I started the workouts after I had my son, and they gave me amazing results.”