Dish By Barbara Moses

Dish: Women At Mid-life Tell The Truth About What Really Matters In Work, Relationships, And The Rest Of Life By Barbara Moses

Dish By Barbara Moses – cont’d

In this fascinating new book, bestselling author and “career guru” Barbara Moses discovers what midlife women really think–all the untold secrets that they rarely share. Based on survey results from over a thousand women, Dish brings together a multitude of voices revealing every aspect of life: work, motherhood, childlessness, friendship, society, love and sex, singledom, and attitudes towards the future. Along the way we learn why some woman move forward with grace while others flounder; the truth about childlessness; why mothers don’t always tell the truth about their children; that when it comes to sex there is no normal; how woman can fit into corporations that have been built by men for men; and how they really feel about their partners or lack of partners.

Throughout, Dr. Moses explores common archetypes and motivational types. When it comes to your career, are you an authenticity-seeker, a sociability-seeker, a security-seeker, a novelty-seeker, a career-builder, an autonomy-seeker, a self-developer, or a lifestyler? What’s your parenting style? Are you a good girl supermom or a yummy buddy mom, an executive mom or an emotionally intelligent mom? With each of these types, Dr. Moses provides extensive descriptions and suggests possible routes forward based on the experiences of similar women.

Avoiding one-size-fits-all solutions to complex issues, Dr Moses brings together the experiences of over one thousand incredibly diverse women. They openly reveal what they think of their lives now, what they wished they had done differently, and their bold plans to move forward. The cumulative effect is enormously reassuring and empowering, providing a road map for future choices based on welcome advice from a host of friends.

Rueful, funny, bitchy, and wise, women at midlife are tired of trying to please and repressing their authentic selves. They have worked, married, had children, divorced, chosen to stay home, and learned lots of life’s lessons–and they are more than happy to dish it all out for us.

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