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Dry Your Tears: Your Fave Discontinued Products Have Dupes

Few things depress beauty junkies quite like when a go-to prod goes out of production. But we've got the remedy with dupes for 12 all-time favourites

We’ve all had it happen. After years of searching and finally finding our HG product, it suddenly vanishes, never to be seen again.

We get it, some trends are transient (even if it doesn’t always feel that way to us)—but why, why, WHY get rid of those timeless, perfect-as-they-are classics?

Well, we’re not always privy to what goes on behind the scenes. “Most companies want to keep products customers love in stock as long as possible,” says former M.A.C exec and Artis founder Matthew Waitesmith, but sometimes it becomes impossible for a brand be able to “continue to source the materials or components it used to make the item.”

Or it might be as simple as a company trying to improve the formulas based up updated technologies. “At Urban Decay, we are never ‘done’,” explains the company’s co-founder Wende Zomnir. “Unfortunately, this means we sometimes discontinue products people love in order to launch new products we think you’ll love even more.”

So alright, now you understand the loss of your beloved beauty product, but acceptance still seems… elusive. Don’t worry, girl, we got you. Here are 12 of the most sought-after discontinued items and their best dupes still on the market.

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