Dayanara Torres reveals her tips to being gorgeous

Clairol spokesmodel Dayanara Torres reveals her beauty secrets

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Clairol spokesmodel Dayanara Torres reveals her tips to being gorgeous

How would you describe your personal style?
Dayanara: “My personal style is very classic, sophisticated [and] elegant. That’s the style I’m usually in.”

Flare: How would you describe your style in terms of beauty?
Dayanara: “That depends on where I’m going. Regular would be very simple and natural looking. But if I’m going out, then I always try [to] make my eyes look smoky and darker, but usually natural colours like earth tones.”

Flare: What is your daily beauty regime?
Dayanara: “Well, it used to be a little more complicated, but after having kids, I [no longer] have the time. I usually wake up very early in the morning so that I can have extra time with the boys- you know, breakfast and stuff. While I’m home, I just have tons of cream on my face. I never go to sleep with makeup on or mascara. Especially mascara because it makes my eyes puffy the next day. Once a week, I do a scrub and a mask, but daily it’s really just washing my face with cleanser and toner and really good moisturizing cream all over my face, neck and body. I buy creams in big packages because I use a lot of it; every time I take a bath- which sometimes are many in a day.”

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Flare: How about your hair, do you wash it every single day?
Dayanara: “I don’t. I have curly hair, so I have to blow dry it every time I wash it. I wash it probably every other day. I love Pantene and I’ve been using it for years. It’s really good for my kind of hair.”

Flare: Do you go for regular haircuts?
Dayanara: “Actually, no. I’m fine with long hair [but] sometimes I just want to do something drastic, like cut my bangs [as] I just did.”

Flare: Do you collect anything, like shoes or sunglasses?
Dayanara: “Shoes. With shoes you can go all out- open toes, closed toes, pointy, classic.”

Flare: Does being Latina have a special significance to you in being a role model and beauty icon?
Dayanara: “Definitely. I think it’s just so amazing for all Latinas not just Puerto [Ricans] when I won the Miss Universe [pageant] because that makes them very very proud and gives a lot of hope to a lot of other Latinas who want to [do well].”

– Carlene Higgins

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