Date, going nowhere!

Have fun! And do these five things that will ensure he doesn’t get the wrong impression

On a date that’s going nowhere?
Have fun! And do these five things that will ensure he doesn’t get the wrong impression

Avoid eye contact.
Look anywhere but in his eyes when he’s talking, when you’re talking, and when no one’s talking. Even better, interrupt his stories with random questions like: How many lights do you think are in that chandelier? Don’t you hate it when you forget what someone’s talking about? Do you think the waiter has a crush on me?

Ask him about his friend.
If your date mentions a friend of his, you’ll clearly indicate your lack of interest if you ask for details about said friend. What does he do? How tall is he? What does he look like? Does he work out? Does he have a girlfriend? Does he like girls with (insert your hair colour here) hair? Yes, it may be cruel, and your date may get enraged. But, you have to admit, it would be great fun!

Split the bill.
Guys often read going Dutch as a clear I-don’t-like-you-and-I-don’t-want-you-to-think-I-owe-you-anything. If he’s being a jerk, don’t even offer to split the tab. In fact, order the lobster. Make him foot the bill for all the trouble you’ve had to endure.

Do the quick goodbye.
Part with a quick cheek peck, a limp handshake, or a butt-out hug. If all of those are too close for comfort, try the simple wave-and-run.

Ignore his post-date calls.
If you take his calls, or even respond casually to his emails, he may think he still has a chance. Make use of your call display, ignore his emails, and block his MSN. Don’t bother being nice. Any attention you give him (even if it’s minimal) may be misconstrued. (You won’t have to worry about this step if you’ve already asked about his friend, as above.)