Daring eyes and lips

Stand out by embracing spring’s tryst with daring eyes and lips

Bold Strokes
Stand out by embracing spring’s tryst with daring eyes and lips

Say hello to white eyeshadow

“White eyeshadow is being used as a way to quietly spotlight the eyes through new textures and technology,” says Cover Girl makeup pro BJ Gillian. “We’re reinventing [’60s model] Jean Shrimpton.”

Runway inspiration: Chanel, Christian Dior

If you dare: Using a wet eyeshadow brush, apply a matte white eyeshadow powder along your browbone.

If you like it barely there: Smooth on a sheer, cream white eyeshadow all the way up to your eyebrow and wrap it around to the top of your cheekbone. Blouse, Fornarina.

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Give bold eyebrows the welcome they deserve

Put down your tweezers already—your skinny eyebrows look way too uptight. Instead, give your peepers the pretty framework they’re born with. “A well-emphasized eyebrow is important all the time for defining the eye area and drawing attention to your eyes,” explains Kirk Brierley, national training manager for Elizabeth Arden.

Runway inspiration: Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu

If you dare: Use an eyebrow pencil to create serious drama.

If you like it barely there: For a soft, natural finish, apply an eyebrow powder with a stiff, angled eyebrow brush. Blouse, Fornarina.

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Make friends all over again with bright lipstick

There’s more to life than lip gloss! “Spring is all about coming alive with colour, so defining the lips [with bright lipstick] is a natural progression,” says Holly Mordini, vice-president of global artistry and education for Smashbox Cosmetics.

Runway inspiration: Gucci, Prada

If you dare: Choose a long-wearing lip colour in fuchsia or cherry. Today’s lipsticks contain silicones and moisturizers to lock colour on without making your pucker feel dry.

If you like it barely there: Get on trend with sheer or semi-sheer lipstick formulas and skip the dramatic eyes shown here (a little mascara will do).

Blouse, Andy Thê-Anh.

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