Dakota Fanning Switches To Brunette

The famous blonde opts for a darker hue this fall

Dakota Fanning

Photo by @thefannings

Dakota Fanning, known for her halo of pale blond strands (a matching set to those of sister, Elle), has taken the leap to the brunette side. This isn’t the first time she’s coloured her hair, but it might as well be. The image of innocence that she and her sister portray, that of virgin locks untouched by foil or paint brush, is so strong that we had to look through pictures of Dakota to remember her hair transformations.

While she may have had pale blond hair as a child, her more recent photos have shown decidedly darker roots. It seems that her new medium brunette shade is actually a step closer to her natural hair colour. While we would prefer a more dramatic hue (a vibrant red or deep coffee) with her ivory skin, we like that she’s taking a break from blond — and her sweetly innocent image.

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