This Skincare Trend Might Be the Most Luxurious Thing Ever

From targeted serums to made-to-order masks, customizable skincare is the latest beauty trend with serious staying power. Here are the brands leading the charge

Beauty trends come and go, but sometimes one so genious comes along that it has serious staying power. Over the last year, the beauty world has been buzzing about customizable skincare and the trend has only been gaining momentum.

Bespoke skincare is all about products that are created just for you—no more buying any old moisturizer off the shelf. Sounds pretty luxe, right? The best part is it’s created to target your specific skincare issues—from redness to large pores, these innovative prods can treat a gamut of beauty woes. Customizable skincare is becoming so popular that it’s being touted as the future of beauty, nbd.

Here are a few of the brands that are leading the charge in customizable prods.

Blend and Boost

Blend and Boost, Customizable Skincare Trend

Blend and Boost Customized Face Cream, starting at $150,

Developed by a group of skincare professionals, including a chemist, a physician, a pharmacist and additional experts, Blend and Boost creates moisturizers that target a range of concerns including wrinkles, redness and sun damage. How do you get your hands on one? It all starts with an in-depth skin examination at a spa that carries the brand (check their website for locations). Using a Visia Machine, a technician will look at the surface of your skin and the layers underneath to highlight specific concerns. (It sounds scary, but we promise it’s not!) Once completed, you then select one of five Advanced Cream Bases which will be your moisturizer formula. Boosters—which are paraben-, gluten- and fragrance-free active ingredients—are then added based on your skin consultation. Up to three boosters can be added into your moisturizer, which is mailed to you shortly after.

Subtle Green

Subtle Green Bespoke Mask and Serum, Customizable Skincare

Serum and Signature Blend Masque Visage, $73, available in April at

This Montreal-based beauty brand—founded by former aerospace and software engineer Chitra Desikan—has been winning customers over with its all-natural, handcrafted blends of serums and moisturizers since launching in 2013. The Subtle Green website allows you to choose from a range of popular blends of serums and moisturizers or you can create your own formula by selecting what type of base your skin needs and adding specific active ingredients from a range of vitamins and targeted boosters.

The indie brand was one of the first homegrown companies to do bespoke skincare, and they are now expanding to offer one of the first customizable masks to hit the market. Launching in April, the Signature Blend mask contains a base of Canadian glacial clay, fruits, honey and flowers in a powdered formula that you can then customize with boosters to treat your skin.


Universkin, Customizable Skincare Trend

Universkin P Serum, $199, available at SpaMedica in Toronto and other Universkin spa locations across Canada

Founded in 2006 by a group of French dermatologists (so you know it’s the real deal), Universkin began as a skincare line to help patients recovering from cosmetic and dermatological procedures but later expanded into the bespoke skincare biz. For their custom serums, clients have a selection of 19 active ingredients to choose from and can add up to three to day and night formulas. The actives, such as ferulic acid, vitamin C, aloe vera and glycolic acid, are pharmaceutical-grade and available in three potency levels.

After your in-office consultation, your actives are selected and mixed into your serum right then and there. The serums contain no preservatives so once you take your formula home it expires after eight weeks. It’s safe to say that this line has some serious cred behind it, and with potential to create up to 1,159 unique formulations you can tackle a plethora of skin conditions and concerns.

Dr. Roebucks

Dr Roebucks Bespoke Serum, Customizable Skincare Trend

Bespoke Serum, $158,

This Aussie-based brand founded by twin sisters Kim and Zoe is known for its simple yet effective sproducts (if you haven’t tried their exfoliating Polish, you really need to). The all-natural brand has recently jumped on the bespoke skincare bandwagon by launching a section on their website that allows you to create a personalized serum based on an in-depth questionnaire. Included in the data collecting process are questions that get to know how much you travel, what your diet consists of and your skin status and concerns. Shortly after submitting your responses, a customized, oh-so-chic concentrated serum arrives at your doorstep.

Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations

Kiehls Apothecary Preparations, Customizable Skincare Trend

Apothecary Preparations, $110, available at select Kiehl’s locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary

Beloved skincare brand Kiehl’s went back to its roots when it recently launched Apothecary Preparations—the brand had been creating customized treatments since its founding in 1891 right up until the 1990s, and now it’s bringing them back. After an in-depth consultation at a Kiehl’s location, two Targeted Complexes are selected for you along with Kiehl’s Skin Strengthening Concentrate, a blend of squalane and botanical oils. The brand carries five Targeted Complexes to choose from with ingredients like retinol, vitamin E, salicylic acid and vitamin C. You’ll then be sent home with a box containing the formula base, the Skin Strengthening Concentrate and the two selected Targeted Complexes to be combined together at home before use.

DIY Boosters

Clinique, Dior and Dermalogica Boosters, Customizable Skincare Trend

Dior Capture Youth Collection, $120 each, Fresh Pressed Daily Booster, $94, Barrier Defense Booster Ultra Calming, $101,

If you want to dip your toe into the customizable beauty pool without fully jumping in, there are lots of brands that are now adding boosters to their lines that work with their existing skincare products. Clinique’s Fresh Pressed Daily Booster lets you mix a few drops of brightening vitamin C to your daily moisturizer while Dermalogica’s new Barrier Defense Booster is a concentrated oil that soothes and nourishes skin while protecting it from irritation. Dior recently got in on the trend with the launch of its Capture Youth Collection, a line of five super-charged serums that plump, mattify, illuminate, lift and reduce redness that you can add to the brand’s Age Delay Advanced Creme.


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