Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands We're Loving RN

Let's make the beauty world a better place

Real talk: did you know that more than half a million animals are used for testing in the cosmetics industry every year? And that more than 80 percent of countries still don’t have any laws against animal testing? That sh*t cray!

The EU was the first to completely ban animal testing in 2013. Since then, we’ve totally been going in the right direction. More and more countries are beginning to ban animal-tested cosmetics and even more brands are taking a stand against the issue and are incorporating computer modelling or using human volunteers as testing methods.

This month, The Body Shop and Cruelty-Free International have joined forces in a campaign to #ForeverStopAnimalTesting in the cosmetics industry. They’ve created a petition to end animal testing worldwide for once and for all. The goal? To collect 8 million signatures to present to the UN in 2018.

In addition to signing the campaign to show your support, you can also start to incorporate cruelty-free brands into your daily routine. There are literally hundreds of a-maz-ing beauty brands (you can see the full list here) to choose from that don’t test on our sweet, furry friends.

We narrowed down our fave cruelty-free beauty brands ATM, including Smashbox, Kat Von D and Kylie Cosmetics, in the gallery below.

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