TLC’s Carmindy shares insider tips on makeup and beauty

Sure, we would all love a makeup artist gal pal who can share her treasures of the trade and help us look effortlessly crazy beautiful.  Gone would be the days of tirelessly staring into the mirror willing the overcrowded blemish party to go away.  

Well, now it’s easy to get on the go tips to help us look our most radiant.  In Carmindy Bowyer’s new book Crazy Busy Beautiful, TLC’s What Not to Wear makeup artist offers more than 600 tips and secrets to help women accentuate their unique beauty.  Her bottom-line: Makeup should enhance a woman’s beauty, not mask it.  

With fun useful anecdotes, makeup money saving tips and barebone beauty advice, this easy-to-use book is the busy woman’s guide to looking gorgeous.

We sat down with Carmindy to have a chat about makeup tips, natural beauty and her own personal What Not To Wear faux pas.

FLARE: Do you think that for women to get fast beauty, it’s better to establish an everyday makeup routine or do you think that people should be willing to freshen it up?

Carmindy: I think your basics should be a routine: your foundation, your concealer, your powder, your blush and you have to fill in your brows. Those should remain the routine, then you can play with updating your makeup wardrobe with a little colour, eyeliner or eyeshadow of the moment.

FLARE: There’s a definite movement in the industry going towards green beauty.  What was your opinion on that when you were building your Sally Hansen partnered line Natural Beauty?

C: There are two rules of thought: [which are] going completely organic or going all natural.  But you are going to compromise the quality in the performance when you do that because there are perfectly safe synthetics [available].  I would say we’re light green. So for instance we’re paraffin-free.  We don’t put harsh paraffins in our products, we took them out.  We filled our products with natural antioxidants and botanicals so that every time you’re putting on an eyeshadow, it’s actually benefiting your eye—when you put on lipstick, it’s making your lip softer [and] when you put on foundation, your skin is improving. You can try all the organic makeup in the world and chances are not all of them are going to work on your skin.  It goes bad much quicker [and] in the long run it’s going to be a little more expensive. If you find something that really works, by all means, go for it.  I love my organic facial cleanser [by] Alba that I get at Wholefoods.  [But] there’s very safe synthetic that’s okay [too] that isn’t killing the environment.  It’s just people become extremists, it’s one or another.  So I’m all about light green.

FLARE:  Working on What Not To Wear, you’ve obviously seen a lot of makeup faux pas.  What is the most common makeup mistake you see?

C: The worst most obvious is coloured lip liner.  Women have got to stop with the coloured lip liner!  It’s a thing of the past.  You get a ring around the mouth, it looks dated and old and most of the time, especially with dark lip liners, it looks like you’ve been sucking on a bar of chocolate—it looks awful.  The new lip liners are either sheer, clear, or highlight.  And the clear ones go on absolutely clear [so] you can actually trace it on the outside of your mouth.  When you put your lipstick on, [the clear lip liner] stops it from bleeding but you don’t get ring around the mouth.  The highlight pencil, which again is clear [but] with a shimmer to it, so [that] when you trace the outside of your lips with it, it actually captures light giving the illusion that your lips are nice and full, instead of drawing on a fake lip line.

FLARE: Can you tell us a makeup faux pas that you used to commit?

C: I used to cover my face with foundation. I hated my freckles because I was teased as a kid.  [It] doesn’t look like I have freckles now because they faded [but] I grew up in Southern California where I was in the sun and [the freckles came] out.  [So]  I used to wear so much foundation you could not see my skin’s texture.  [When I eventually] embraced my skin, then I stopped wearing so much.

FLARE: The nice thing is that you do teach people how to embrace their facial characteristics and enhance their uniqueness.  How do you think people can learn to do that for themselves?  

C: It’s all confidence.  What I teach women on the show is that you have to do mirror mantras.  Instead of looking at the mirror everyday and saying “Oh my god, look at this dark circle, my cheeks are so fat, my face is so big.”  You’ve got to stop the negative self talk and start looking in the mirror and saying “I’ve got beautiful eyes, I have glowing skin”. Then you play with makeup and enhance that already beautiful feature, so now it’s amazingly beautiful because you just took it to the next level. You forget what you don’t like about yourself.  Don’t look at what you want to change, instead what do you love? Play with that, use that to really enhance your face.

You’ve got one life, you’ve got to live it.  So live it fun, live it happy and be positive  there’s no award at the end of the day for beating yourself up.