Copper Makeup Is the Beauty Trend You Need to Try this Summer

Rihanna is already rocking this makeup trend and soon you will be, too


There’s no mistaking why those enchanting minutes before the sun sets are referred to as “magic hour.” Everything just looks better bathed in hazy, golden sunlight—including us.

Forget about limiting yourself (and your selfies) to those measly 60 minutes a day, and make like A-listers Rihanna, Zendaya and Emma Stone by adapting an all-over rose-gold glow ’round the clock.

“Golden makeup is truly universally flattering. It complements the warm tones in your skin and looks really modern and soft while still having an edge,” says celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, who has worked with Reese Witherspoon and Selena Gomez.

How to Wear Copper Makeup on your Eyes

Choose a cream eyeshadow in a rust or bronze shade and use your ring finger to first apply it to the crease of your eye, lightly blending it all the way down your eyelid.

Add definition with a clean, sharp cat eye using a liquid eyeliner pen, or make the look more sultry by smudging a chocolate-coloured eye pencil along your top and bottom eyelashes, advises Stiles.

“There’s something very soothing about a monochromatic look,” she says. “When you use peaches, blushes and soft, rusty tones, they bring out the vividness, regardless of the color of your eyes.”

Finish it off by dusting a golden, light-reflecting cream or powder along your brow bone and in the inner corner of your eyes.

A copper makeup eye shadow palette by Maybelline in Downtown Sunrise and eye pencil by NYX in Burnt Sienna
Try: Faux Blacks Eyeliner in Burnt Sienna, $10,, Maybelline The City Mini Palette in Downtown Sunrise, $15, available at major retailers August 2017

How to Wear Copper Makeup on your Cheeks

Humidity and high temps can melt your makeup and zap your complexion by lunchtime.

Get lasting dimension and flattering colour by layering your usual powder bronzer over a cream or liquid blush—this will set your colour for long wear and create a more opaque finish, which can be especially brightening on darker skin tones.

Lightly apply a drop or two of liquid blush (a little goes a long way) to the apples of your cheeks with your fingers, moving out toward your hairline as your go. Next, quickly set this with a swipe of translucent powder, which Fiona says will keep your bronzer from going on streaky.

Follow by buffing on your bronzer powder just below your cheekbones. “Using a brush with long, natural-haired bristles will distribute less product and create a more transparent, rather than muddy, look,” says David Vincent, International Makeup Artist for Lise Watier, who suggests you look for a bronzer that is only one to two shades darker than your natural skin tone.

If you’re very fair with a pink undertone or prone to redness, skip the formulas that veer toward red or orange and look for bronzing powders that have a beige or grey undertone to minimize redness.

A copper makeup bronzing crayon by Laura Mercier J’adore Le Soleil Sunset Bronzing Crayon, a Lise Watier Luxotika Bronzing Powder and NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm.
Try: Laura Mercier J’adore Le Soleil Sunset Bronzing Crayon, $38,, NARS Liquid Blush in Orgasm, $38,, Lise Watier Luxotika Bronzing Powder, $45,

How to Wear Copper Makeup on your Lips

“The key to creating a harmony of colour is to alter the texture and amount of shine for each feature,” says Vincent of creating the bronzed lip trend.

Since you’re keeping the shades subtle on your eyes and cheeks, your lips can be the star—so add more interest with a touch of metallic gloss. Keeping the finish transparent will ensure a fresh, modern look.

But if you prefer to draw the attention to your eyes with more metallic eyeshadows, go with a creamy or matte finish on your lips in a warm rosy shade.

Try copper makeup in the form of lip gloss with this Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Bronze Pearl and Stila Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Petal Metal.
Try: Bite Beauty Prismatic Pearl Crème Lip Gloss in Bronze Pearl, $25,, Be Legendary Liquid Lip in Petal Metal, $28,

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