Constellation Nails Are Out of This World and *Actually* Easy to DIY

Astrology is always in style, but now it's migrated to our manis and we're here for it

Sometimes nail trends are either way too advanced for your average DIY mani, or just plain weird (see: hair nails), right? So it’s hella refreshing when something pops up on our feeds that’s not only cute, but also super easy to pull off at home. Start with a purple or deep blue polish as your base, and then find a constellation you want to recreate on Google images (we like Canis Major, the Great Dog but what can we say? We’re dog people). Use the edge of the nail polish brush to dot on white polish in the pattern of the stars, and then connect those dots with little lines. If you’re feeling really artistic, go wild with a metallic polish for your constellations.

Click through our gallery below for Instagram pics to inspire your own constellation nails.

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