Confessions of a Cover Girl

Confessions of a Cover Girl
How does Molly Sims stay so gorgeous? With a little help from her glam squad

So you wanna be a supermodel? Well, it’s not all fun and games. “Looking good is tough work,” says Molly Sims. And she should know: in addition to being this month’s FLARE cover star, a Cover Girl spokesmodel for six years and a headliner on the hit NBC series Las Vegas, not to mention her countless designer endorsement deals and burgeoning film career, the Kentucky-born stunner was on the cover of one of Cosmopolitan’s bestselling issues. How does a sweet Southern girl keep up such a beautiful reputation? You’ll be relieved to know, her genetic wealth doesn’t hold the only key to her success. Just like you and me, she seeks help, too.

Click below for insider beauty secrets from Molly’s Glam Squad

The Makeup Artist: Monika Blunder Great makeup can make or break a red-carpet appearance, and Monika Blunder is Sims’ go-to girl when it comes to readying for her close-up. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to make Sims shine. “She does not wear a lot of makeup,” says Blunder, who, after more than six years with Sims, is a veteran of her glam squad. Still, as Sims puts it, “makeup is a craft” and Blunder does “beautiful work.”

For day: “We make sure her skin looks flawless. We use a little bit of foundation and maybe a little concealer and not too much around the eyes, usually just a bit of a smudgy liner so her eyes pop. [Then], mascara, and she loves blush, so we layer different colours. And she is definitely a lip gloss kind of girl.”

For night: Blunder steps it up a notch. “We’ll use individual eyelashes or an eyelash strip and more of a heavier eye with extra eyeliner, and that’s about it.” Sims’ makeup picks: Cover Girl Wetslicks Lipgloss in Pink Sequin, $7, Cover Girl Cheekers Blush in Natural Rose, $6, and Cover Girl LashExact Mascara, $9.

The Hairstylist: Davy Newkirk “People have good hair and people have bad hair, and she’s got a good head of hair,” says hairstylist Davy Newkirk, who met Sims on the set of House of Style, the MTV series that launched the Kentuckian toward fame and fortune. Newkirk can’t say enough about Sims’ gorgeous locks. “She has really good texture and a lot of it, and it has a little bit of a wave, so it can go curly or it can go straight pretty easily.” He describes Sims’ look as “fresh and young,” so to maintain her breezy appearance he always keeps things simple.

His black-tie hair philosophy: “I think it’s more fashionable to not be super done-looking. A body curl that’s down and loose, kind of like a wave, is nice on her.”

His casual-hair rules: “Molly always looks good with her hair in a ponytail. She has such a great face, so with her hair slicked back, even in a bun, she always looks really good. It’s a good classic look, too.”

In his kit: Phyto Phytovolume Actif, 100 mL, $28, to lift roots, and, to keep it all together, Newkirk uses L’Oréal Elnett hairspray. (You’ll have to cross the ocean to fetch this pro fave.)

The Colourist: Tracey Cunningham “So many people want her hair colour!” exclaims colourist Tracey Cunningham, the woman behind the foil. So, how does she do it? “I lift her base very slightly and I highlight and lowlight her at the same time afterward, adding some light-brown caramel-y pieces through her hair and a tiny bit of red and blond.” Sims, who emphatically claims Cunningham does the “best colour in the world,” is in the salon chair every six weeks to maintain the covetable hue. But good luck trying to match it. “I have people come in for her hair colour, but either they don’t have the right base colour or they don’t have the right type of hair,” says Cunningham.

Her best hair advice: Quite simply, less is more. “Molly’s not switching her hair every five minutes. That’s why she has hair on her head. If you do too much, you lose hair.”

In her kit: Redken Blonde Glam Color-Activating Treatment, 200 mL, $21, is especially great for Sims’ highlights. “It’s a protein conditioner you put on the hair right afterward. It’s not a leave-in, but it really keeps hair very healthy.”

The Facialist: Kate Somerville When Kate Somerville first met Sims, she had “slightly dry skin and a lot of breakouts on her jawline,” confides the skin-health guru. It’s true, says Sims. “She got me off Accutane.” Somerville recognized that the low-dose Accutane regimen used to treat problem acne was wholly unnecessary given the overall good health of Sims’ skin. Instead, she whipped Sims’ dermis into shape using a series of her signature, patented, bacteria-killing DermalLucent PhotoTherapy treatments.

And while today Sims’ skin is as glowing as you wanna be, the occasional “big guy,” as Somerville calls those particularly angry pimples, will make an untimely appearance. In those instances, “we zap it with DermalLucent.”

Molly’s skin routine: A personalized prescription from Somerville’s namesake line. “She uses our Gentle Daily Wash and, if she has a lot of makeup on, she usually uses our Purify Exfoliating Cleanser to make sure she gets everything off.” Sims is also addicted to Kate in a Jar, an intensive exfoliating treatment she uses three times a week when her skin feels dull and dry. It’s not available in Canada yet, but you can visit for more info (or try a skin-care routine from a dermatologist-approved brand readily available here at home, such as Kinerase or B. Kamins, Chemist).

The Yoga Instructor: Kathleen Kastner “I naturally have an athletic body. I don’t need to do a lot of muscle building to stay toned,” says Sims, who practises vinyasa and ashtanga yoga with her private instructor, Kathleen Kastner, for 90 minutes at a time, at least twice a week. And while Kastner maintains that Sims is a “perfect” physical specimen, the model-cum-actor refutes the claim. “I do have to watch my shoulders,” she says of the body part that causes her the most grief. “[Because] I was a swimmer at a very young age.” And while Sims’ workouts do increase her overall strength, Kastner explains that, “even though we use her arms a lot, it’s still more of an elongated muscle, so she doesn’t get bulky.”

But Sims’ workout isn’t all about the six-pack. “She is very interested in meditation and spirituality,” says Kastner. “She’s not interested in doing something that just makes her look good – she has depth.”

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