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Clarins Feeds Our '90s Nostalgia With a Multi-Colour Pen-Inspired Prod

Clarins makes every day a #tbt with their makeup pen that lets you switch between three eyeliners and one lip liner in a click

Clarins eye liner pen

Between chokers, crop tops and brown lippie, the ’90s are back and better than ever. To add to the nostalgia, Clarins is launching a limited-edition 4-Colour All-in-One Pen next month. And it is just like the cool AF multi-colour retractable pens that were the envy of all your Grade 5 classmates.

In the same way the once-beloved pens housed and dispensed many different colour inks, the Clarins multi-liner can switch between four shades with a quick click. But instead of a rainbow of ballpoints, you’ll get three different eyeliners and a lip liner. Each one is super versatile, glides on with ease—and minimizes the items you need in your makeup bag, just like the classic click pen saved space in your pencil case.

Each shade’s intended use is indicated by either a tiny eye or a tiny set of lips on the side of the pen. Trace your lash line with the blue eyeliner for a pop of colour, the brown for a neutral look, or go bold with the black. The brown liner also does double duty as a brow intensifier, and you can even dot it on your cheeks and across your nose to create natural-looking freckles (proceed with caution). The lip liner effortlessly defines your pout, and creates a neutral outline for virtually any shade of lipstick. Aside from the pigment payoff, the pen is formulated with a blend of sunflower, jojoba and black acacia waxes for super comfortable wear.

So kick it old school and pack this palette-in-a-pen for all your eye-defining and lip-lining needs. It’ll make you want to blast some Alanis, break out your Pog collection and stream every single episode of Fresh Prince.

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