Chic must reads

Chic must reads

By Domini Clark

Naughty and Nice
Fashion label Agent Provocateur recently tapped dir-ector Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas) to create four short films starring Kate Moss. Figgis went for eerie voyeurism, rather than luscious sexuality, shooting in night vision. The result is an accompanying book, The 4 Dreams of Miss X, which includes a DVD of the films, plus steamy film stills bound to inspire sweet dreams.

For the Love of Lalique
 Don’t even think of using the words “bling book” to describe the new tome dedicated to René Jules Lalique and his gorgeous jewelry. In 1890, the then-30-year-old Lalique was already recognized as one of the finest jewelry designers in France, and this book details his iconic rise, his inspirations and his divine body of work.



Balenciaga Gets Booked
Fashion’s current love affair with Cristobal Balenciaga—the groundbreaking Spanish designer who adored volume—is, well, growing. Last year, his work was fêted with a Parisian exhibit; this year, it gets the star treatment at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum and, this month, a book—dedicated to his revolutionary looks—is burning up the bookshelves.

Climb Ev’ry Mountain
Admit it: whiskers on kittens and Julie Andrews’ arms stretching across the Alps are still some of your favourite things (not to mention Gwen Stefani’s). So it makes perfect sense that The Sound of Music Companion, which surveys the greatest moments behind the musical (style and song), is about to hit shelves in a big way. The exhaustive, authoritative book provides proof that dirndls never did go out of fashion and that the young Christopher Plummer was actually superhot.