Chanel's Take on Unicorn Makeup Trend Fit for a French Girl

Leave it to the Parisian brand to take the uber-popular beauty trend and refine it with a rainbow's worth of inspired colour

A model on the runway shows off the Chanel unicorn makeup take on the trend

(Photo: Getty)

Papa Karl and co. just wrapped the Chanel Couture Fall-Winter 2017 show at the Grand Palais in Paris and there was plenty to get tongues wagging—from the bold-name attendees like Cara, Katy and Kristen to the influx of bowler hats, big clip-on earrings and all-around throwback vibe seen on the runway, not to mention the latest Chanel bride, it was all très retro.

But makeup artist Tom Pecheux took that nostalgic feeling and paired it with arguably the biggest colour trend happening in beauty (and hair and okay, mass-market beverages)—yes, we’re talking unicorns.

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Given that he’s the global beauty director at YSL, it’s no surprise he didn’t stop at a simple iridescent sheen or just add a swipe of Unicorn Tears and call it a day. Pecheux showed off an elevated rainbow palette, opting to paint lids with a kaleidoscope of azure, rust, gold, olive and even a bright spot of crimson right near the tear duct, for a refined but still bold beauty look that left the cheeks and lips of the Chanel models nearly untouched.

Finally a take on the unicorn trend fit for a French girl.

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