Halsey's Newest Tat Was Designed by Lil Wayne!

Plus all the other new celeb ink of 2018

While celeb body art choices are sometimes questionable (Ariana Grande’s nine Pete Davidson-related tats seem a bit much in retrospect), they’re definitely always interesting. And the A-list certainly knows where to go for the best work; their in-demand tattoo artists, like Toronto’s Curt Montgomery and L.A.-fave Doctor Woo, can have wait lists as long as two years.

So when they make their big reveal, we’re always ready to see their new ink. This year, we’re tracking all the new celebrity tattoos—from the matching ink Selena Gomez got with her BFFs to Halsey’s newest tat (which she had inked “seconds” before performing on SNL!), and more. Whether you need a little inspo for your own tattoo, or you just want to gawk at those what-were-they-thinking pics, we’ve rounded up the latest and greatest for your perusal.


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