10 Celebrity Hair Dye Jobs We Did *Not* See Coming in 2017

Remember Zayn's green hair?! We (unfortunately) do too

We’ve been taking note of the best celebrity hair transformations all year long, and—no surprise here—some of our fave new looks have included a whole lotta hair dye. Remember unicorn hair inspired by that disgusting Starbucks drink? Or what about blorange? Celebs tried out these hair colour trends and more this year, totally switching up their signature looks. From Ariana Grande‘s pastel purple locks (which we were low-key obsessed with, by the way!) to Lady Gaga‘s multi-coloured ‘do to Zayn‘s green hair that he had for a minute (did Gigi not have any input at all before he got this done?!), there were no shortage of interesting looks this year.

Click through the gallery below to see some of our fave celeb dye jobs of the year.

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