10 Celebrities With the Best Beach Hair

FLARE editor Nancy Won—blessed with super smooth and shiny locks—dreams of messy, tousled hair with "just the right amount" of damage

As a downtown girl, beaches are a rare summer indulgence for me. (I like my beach time when I need it most: in the dead of winter and preferably far away.) Beach hair, though, is a daily obsession. My jet black Asian strands are naturally straight, smooth and super shiny—how annoying!—so of course my dream hair is messy, tousled and just the right amount of damaged. For me, there’s nothing more muse-y than perfectly imperfect hair that says, “I just spent all morning surfing because that’s a totally normal thing for me to do.” Hence my obsession with salt sprays (my go-to is Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray), texturizers and constantly scrunching the ends of my hair. Herewith, the universe’s ultimate beach hair-babes, according to me.