Considering Bangs? Here's All the Celeb Inspo You Need

Bangs are having a MAJOR mome

Bangs have gone through many iterations, from the shaggy fringe Brigitte Bardot rocked in the ’60s to Uma Thurman’s now-iconic blunt cut in Pulp Fiction. While certain cuts have had their time in the spotlight, lately it seems like every fringe style ever is making a comeback, especially on the red carpet. From Camila Cabello’s long, cheekbone-skimming curtain bangs to Emma Watson’s super short micro fringe, celebs can’t get enough of these face-framing looks.

Thinking about trying out a fringe yourself? Sure, it can be daunting (we’re not going to lie: growing them out can be a pain), but with our round-up of celebrities with bangs, you’re sure to find an ultra-current style that’s right for you. Scroll through, and bookmark this page for your next visit to the salon!

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