Celebrate mom

All in the family
Celebrate mom – and your favourite reads

Common ground
Try to think of one book everyone has already read, or select a quick read for the first meeting. This might be the first time your friends and moms have met, so make sure everyone will be able to participate and have at least this one thing in common.

Decorate with love
Add some feminine touches to create a Mother’s Day mood. Decorate with pretty pink flowers, scented candles and linen tablecloths. Bring out the fine china (or the nicest dishes you’ve got)! What better excuse to break out the good stuff than for your mothers?

Just like mom
We all have a favourite dish or snack our moms used to make for us. For Mother’s Day, ask your girlfriends to do the work – get them to prepare their mother’s specialty for everyone to enjoy.

Book swap
Ask everyone – moms and daughters – to bring their favouite book of all time. You can learn a lot about each other by reading the books closest to your hearts.

Make a game of it
For added fun, have everyone place their books on a table and see if you can guess which book your mom brought (moms can guess their daughter’s picks, too).

Celebrate mom
Perhaps the best gift of all this year would be to inscribe your favourite book with a heartfelt message.  Couple it up with a bottle of her favourite wine or tea and voila – you’ve got yourself the perfect pairing.

Capture the moment
Don’t forget to say cheese. Have everyone pose with their mother for a Mother’s Day shot. When was the last time you took a really great photo of just you and your mom? Smile!