Canadian Designer Rad Hourani Crafts A Fragrance

Can life be summarized in one quick spritz?

A scent can capture a memory, but can it represent an entire life? Canadian designer Rad Hourani set out to do just that with a concoction he crafted for Six Scents, an annual project that partners six artists with perfumers to develop fragrances, with a portion of the proceeds going to War Child International. The notes in Hourani’s fragrance take the nose through life’s journey, starting with a fresh accord via pear juice and violet leaf to represent the origin of life, “like a drop of sperm,” says the scent’s perfumer Christophe Raynaud. Next comes baby powder to signify infancy, leather for middle age and a finishing hit of somber incense. Like the young designer’s clothing, the lifecycle scent is unisex. Our favourite part of the creation? Its double-entendre title: Ascent, which aptly describes what’s actually inside the bottle (a scent), as well as what it’s meant to represent (one’s upbringing). Clever, but tell us, would you wear this offbeat fragrance?